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Get the full info with these garage door tips. We help to get you prepared today.

  • Check the spring if the garage door moves slowly

    If you have not changed the settings of the opener, a broken spring is the most probable cause of the slow movement. Our specialists in garage door repair Eastchester explain that a broken spring can pose a great safety risk to people and property. That is why immediate replacement is required.

  • Keep Some Spare Parts

    If your garage door has many parts like springs, screws, panels, switches, etc., keep spare parts in your garage so you could save the time from having to go to the hardware store or ordering online. The garage door is something that you would not want to be malfunctioning for a long time since it is a security feature of your home.

  • Check all parts when replacing garage doors

    Garage door replacement involves finding the right door panel but also checking whether the current garage door parts are compatible and they have the strengths to move the heavy panel. The experience of our specialists in Eastchester can be of great value in order to avoid mistakes.

  • Dealing with Crack in a Garage Door

    A crack in any segment of a door doesn’t mean it's serious. All you need to do is fill the crack with appropriate material. For instance, cracks on the wooden area would require putty. If it is serious, we can offer our help in Eastchester.

  • Garage Door Repair – Maintaining Balance

    In order to prevent frequent garage door repairs, keep an eye on the balance of the garage door. All you need to do is look at the door very carefully when it’s coming up, that will show if the door is leaning towards a particular side. If so, have it fixed before it damages other parts.

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