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Welcome to this incredible garage door FAQ page. We endeavor to answer all your questions.

Are openers made prior to 1993 still on the market?

Most states prohibit by law the sale of openers made before 1993. Most manufacturers put a label on the product which refers to the date of its production. Although, you won't find them on the market, it's wise to check these labels.

What's the difference between oil tempered and galvanized springs?

The main difference lies on the way the wire of garage door springs is coated. Galvanized garage door torsion springs have zinc coats according to Garage Door Repair Eastchester. In the case of oil-tempered springs, oil is used to heat the wires.

Is an electric garage door worth the effort of installation?

Don’t let the hazards of electric garage doors discourage you. If done right, the convenience of an electric garage door far outweighs its potential hazards. So long as you are careful when you attempt the electric garage door installation, everything will go smoothly.

What parts of the garage must I measure?

If you're interested to get an overhead door, our experts say that you must measure the ceiling that will give the backroom distance of the garage. Also measure the sideroom and headroom. If you want doors which open outwards, also measure the driveway.

Can I keep my old track when replacing my garage door?

Our technicians recommend replacing your track at the same time because each type of door is specifically designed to work with a specific type of track. Replacing the track also ensures that the new warranty will apply, and is also an inexpensive way to make sure that your garage door system is as safe as possible.

Which garage doors must I avoid purchasing?

The main rule Garage Door Repair Eastchester would set is getting quality, branded garage doors. From this point onwards, choosing the materials, openers and accessories would depend on the needs of your house. You should keep away from choices that don’t meet your requirements.

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