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Garage Door Replacement And Installation

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Garage Door Repair Eastchester, New York has been with you and had in many years of providing garage door repairs and maintenance requirements worked very diligently in fulfilling your needs. We take pride of our state of the art services in installation, maintenance and repair of all garage door problems. Want to find out why we say we are the best? Put in a call and you will see why.Garage Door Replacement and Installation


We do repair of garage doors’ springs. Only two kinds of springs are being used in garage doors. We use the extended garage doors’ springs that are used on light garage doors and torsion garage doors’ springs for heavy garage doors. You can avail these two springs as galvanized garage doors’ springs.


We at Garage Doors Repairs Company in Eastchester are offering to you garage doors openers services. We sell parts of the best brands of garage doors openers because we want to give you the best and believe you deserve it.


These are the brands that we carry for garage doors openers:

  • Genie
  • Liftmaster
  • Chamberlain
  • Craftsman
  • Sears
  • Marantec


Always bear in mind to always buy the garage door opener that is an exact match of the drive on your garage door. Three drives are used on garage doors and these are screw drive, belt drive and chain drive.


Maintenance of your garage doors are to be observed religiously. Garage Door Repairs Eastchester New York can send certified technicians to deliver maintenance services on you garage doors to keep them working smoothly and avoid any untoward accidents and inconvenient emergencies.


Just bought a new garage door and need those to be installed immediately?  Our fully trained technicians will be available to service you the same day you phoned in your service request. In no time your garage door is installed and working for you. Broken garage door windows can be replaced by our technicians too. You can choose from Craftsman garage doors: aluminum, wooden and steel all are available at Garage Doors Repairs in Eastchester New York.


You have an electric garage door installed or needing to install one? We can do the installation and maintenance repairs on electric garage doors too. Your electric garage doors remote is one of the most in demand and used brands like Genie Intellicode, Liftmaster Security, Clicker and Multi Code we can do installation and repairs on them too. Issues and problems that we at Garage Doors Repairs Company in Eastchester can service are the following:

  • Off track doors
  • Emergency release that is broken
  • Sections of doors need replacements
  • Rubber of door’s bottom needs replacement
  • And weather strip


Ever thinking of having a modern garage door? These are glass made garage doors that allow sunlight to naturally light your garage. You can have them tinted if you want some privacy.


Broken and bent cables and tracks on your garage doors can be replaced by our Garage Door Repair Company in Eastchester New York’s skilled technicians. The following are the problems that you encountered with your cables and tracks that can be serviced by our technicians:

  • Snapped and broken cables
  • Lose cables
  • Off the drum cables
  • Bent door tracks that need to be replaced


Your problems and garage door requirements are needed to be handled anytime inconvenient and we at Garage Doors Repair in Eastchester New York are there for you always when you need us. Because we believe that your garage door services requirement need not wait for an opportune time. That’s why we assure you of 24/7 service for your satisfaction. Emergencies are handled by our highly trained certified, professional and skilled staffs on the day it is phoned in.

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